Our Services

Danger Sandblasting and Painting offers complete services for your industrial needs:

  • ndustrial media blasting of all types
  • Complete industrial painting and coating
  • 100% solid coating systems
  • Installation of containment systems
  • Linings and coatings inspection
  • Tank linings
  • Fiberglass inspection and maintenance,
  • Abrasion resistant linings including ceramic tile, rubber, urethane and epoxy based systems.
  • Fire proof coatings both cementitous and intumescent.
  • Floor Coatings


Recognized and approved by most trusted suppliers of high solids products Danger Sandblasting and its partner firms remains of the cutting-edge coatings technology for corrosion control and containment systems. 100% solids coating technology offers many cost advantages:

  • Cost Effective - patching holes in stopping leaks, high solids coatings extend the life of old or corroded storage tanks avoid more costly repair or replacement
  • Superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion wear;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • High film thickness barrier systems
  • Zero solvents, zero VOC’s
  • Tough monolithic membranes
  • Elastomeric flexibility
  • Adhesion to most substrates and
  • Low permeability rating


Increasingly, governmental legislation is demanding that steps be taken to protect the environment from hazardous petroleum or chemical spills. An effective and relatively inexpensive way to avoid environmental damage is to install a containment system. A variety of systems are available to meet you specific process and waste fluid needs.